Part time; year round
Schedules vary; Monday - Sunday 6hr shifts
8:00 AM - Midnight

Start Date:

Overview: The Police Officer is responsible for the protection of the public, Park District natural resources and enforcement of Conduct Ordinance #641. This is an under 30-hour position.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Prepare and submit report forms regarding department incidences, equipment, facilities, and other special reports as needed.
  2. Solicit public input and respond promptly to inquiries from the public.
  3. Maintain a high-profile during activities on District property.
  4. Demonstrate, support, and enforce District customer service standards.
  5. Establish, support, and maintain collaborative efforts with internal and external customers and organizations through attending meetings and participating in community interaction. Maintain professional relationships with other intergovernmental agencies.
  6. Provide security for special District programs as needed.
  7. Investigate violations and arrest violators of laws and ordinances within the District.
  8. Interact with the public and educate them on Conduct Ordinance #641.
  9. Follow District and departmental safety, personnel, and administrative policies, procedures and ordinances.
  10. Complete assigned training in a timely manner.

    Other Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Serve on committees as needed.
    • Assist in equipment inspections in order to maintain safety standards.
    • Work with North, Central, and South Parks staff to address park related issues.

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

    • Knowledge of the laws, regulations, ordinances, policy, liability and current practices affecting law enforcement;
    • Perform basic computer skills in word processing, spreadsheets, and databases;
    • Knowledge of criminal law and enforcement;
    • Ability to keep organized records and reports.

    Education and Experience:

    • High School Diploma or GED.
    • Must be a currently or previously sworn officer by the State of Illinois in good standing.
    • Must demonstrate a strong interest in pursuing a career in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement or related field.
    • Valid Illinois State driver’s license.
    • Valid Illinois firearms owner’s certification.
    • Certification with the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board as per Public Act 89-170 part-time officer basic training.
    • Possession of, or ability to obtain, CPR, AED and First Aid certification within three (3) months of date of hire.

    Special Considerations:

    • Subject to potentially life-threatening circumstances and/or physical bodily harm.
    • Overall stamina and physical condition to perform moderate to strenuous physical activity. Must receive medical clearance from a District assigned Medical Examiner to perform functions of the job. Medical evaluation will include a physical examination, evaluation of heart and cardiovascular system, vision and hearing screenings.
    • Subject to year-round random drug testing.
    • Subject to performing bike patrol by riding a bicycle for extended periods of time.
    • Subject to both inside and outside environments.
    • Physical agility to maintain mobility from site to site.
    • Occasionally lift, carry and/or move object(s) weighing ≤ 50 lbs. Lifting assistance is required when lifting ≥ 50 lbs.
    • Subject to a modified/flexible work schedule.
    • Subject to loud noises.
    • Subject to prolonged seated positions and subject to prolonged standing and walking positions.
    • Vision and sight (corrected if necessary) to perform functions of the job.
    • Officers are expected to work a minimum of 240 hours a year.
    • Officers are requested to be available to work a minimum of two (2) weekends a month. Weekend shifts are shifts scheduled on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.