Part time; Varies:

Monday- Friday 8:15am-12:45pm and/or Monday-Thursday 12:15pm-3:45pm

Start Date:


Responsible for implementing the Park District’s curriculum in an age-appropriate manner within the preschool program for children ages two to five years of age. Preschool Teacher reports to the Early Childhood Program Manager and Early Childhood Program Coordinator.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Adheres to Park District policies and procedures.
  2. Provides a safe, nurturing and positive experience for all students.
  3. Assists with implementing lesson plans and preparing materials for class projects and activities.
  4. Uses a range of teaching approaches and adapts instruction to include all children.
  5. Promptly inform the Program Manager of student behavioral difficulties and concerns. Discuss strategies for improvement and monitor progress.
  6. Maintains a clean and orderly classroom and storage space.
  7. Creates positive relationships with parents and communicates effectively with them.
  8. Works cooperatively with fellow teachers to support and obtain the goals and objectives of the program.
  9. Long term substitute teachers may:
    1. Attend staff meetings and teacher institutes.
    2. Work in conjunction with the Early Childhood Program Manager and the Early Childhood Coordinator in making referrals and develop plans for children with special needs.
    3. Participate in parent – teacher conferences.
    4. Routinely change content material and updates bulletin boards and art displays.
  10. Observes and follow all park District safety policies and regulations, and reports any hazardous situations. Records and keeps incident/accident reports with a copy to the Program Manager.

    Other Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Distributes written communication as necessary or requested by the District.
    • Attends various district-wide and departmental staff trainings as they pertain to policies and procedures, safety or other subjects as appropriate.
    • Implements Park District Customer service standards.
    • Substitutes in park district programs as needed.

      Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

      • Must possess an understanding of child development.
      • Ability to be aware of the needs and concerns of children and their parents and respond appropriately.
      • Ability to accept responsibilities and work in an independent and organized manner.
      • Ability to be flexible and interact cooperatively with fellow staff members.
      • Display leadership, dependability, patience and concern for others.
      • Excellent communication skills - professional ability to attend to the needs of our customers. Ability to address complaints and resolve concerns as needed.

        Education and Experience:

        • B.S., B.A. or A.A. degree in Early Childhood or Elementary Education or related field preferred.
        • Five years of early childhood or child care experience preferred.
        • Must have an understanding of child development and have at least 6 hours of early childhood development course work.

          Special Considerations:

          • Maintain and/or obtain current certification in CPR and First Aid within 3 months of hire.
          • Requires flexibility of work schedule during high volume work periods.
          • Work is subject to inside/outside environmental conditions.
          • Ability to lift, carry and/or move object(s) weighing < than 30lbs. Lifting assistance is required when lifting > than 30lbs.